Church Lighting

The altar and sanctuary should be the focal points in a place of worship and they need good quality lighting, but 94% of Parish Priests feel that this is not the case. Ecolight’s LED lighting solution dramatically improves the level and quality of light in churches. We appreciate that each church is unique, so we tailor the lighting to best suit your requirements.

“The Altar and Sanctuary are now the focal point of the Cathedral. The LED lighting has improved the quality of picture which we broadcast during mass and also, I can now comfortably read due to the quality and brightness of light around the Altar.”
Fr. Flynn, P.P. St. Mary’s Cathedral, Killarney

“We found Ecolight to be knowledgeable and professional in every aspect. Their  high tech products were easy to install and the results exceeded all expectations.”
Padraig Griffin, Engineer, Killarney