Supermarket Lighting

LED is fast becoming the new industry standard within retail refrigeration lighting. With greatly reduced running costs, zero maintenance costs and lower CO2 emissions, LED lighting is the smart option for retail. Installing LED lighting immediately brightens your displays which helps to generate an increase in sales.

FridgeLUX is a innovative solution which optimises energy consumption vs. light levels in refrigerated units.

FridgeLUX regulates light levels within ‘Reach-in’ and Dairywall refrigerated units. The objective is to maximise the light levels while presence is detected using motion sensors to help maximise the merchandising effort. However, when there is no presence detected, the light levels are reduced to a predefined level where the energy being consumed is minimised. The system is designed to work with LED tube lighting and is a easy-to-install retro-fit solution.

The FridgeLUX system delivers between 70% and 90% energy saving depending on footfall.

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